Date: 10/10/18 12:46 pm
From: Bob and Elaine McNulty <bob.mcn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Blendon Woods Metro Park Columbus
Watched a mobbing involving titmouse and chickadees; downy woodpeckers in the hopes that we would see a warbler or two join in. Unfortunately, the warblers never materialized; however, after the harassing tapered off we approached the stump to try and find what has attracted the attention of the local song birds. We found a green plastic figurine with large brown lips, somewhat resembling a reptile ... Probably a character in a children's movie. Maybe the birds were after an autograph.

Nashville warbler
Common yellowthroat
Northern parula
Black throated green warblers
Magnolia warblers

Ruby crowned and golden crowned kinglets
blue headed vireos
swamp sparrow
Red breasted nuthatch

Had bay breasted warbler and magnolia in the backyard.

Cut birding short since I stepped on a branch with a 1.5 inch thorn; the thorn punctured my rubber boot and my foot. Ouch!
Bob McNulty


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