Date: 10/10/18 10:55 am
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Subject: [LACoBirds] Re: Yellow-rumped Warbler self-attack

Back in 2009 a pair of Northern Parulas nested successfully at The Village Green, and I saw the territorial male attack his image in a car's window and side-view mirror:

Don Sterba
Culver City

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Hello birders,

On Sunday, Oct. 07, I went to the LA County Arboretum to find that Indigo Bunting - all in vain.
While I was at the parking lot, I noticed how a Yellow-rumped Warbler was attacking its own reflection at a car's mirror. I've seen California Towhees doing that numerous times (mostly in their breeding season), but I've never seen such self-destructing aggression from a Warbler.
If interested, here's a link to a few photos:

Good birding,
Alexander Viduetsky
Valley Village, CA

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