Date: 10/10/18 10:45 am
From: John Besser <jbesser1...>
Subject: CAS ‘Big Sit’ at Eagle Bluffs, October 14
Just a reminder that Columbia Audubon Society will be holding it’s second
annual “Big Sit” on Sunday, October 14, at the end of the road to pool 14
at Eagle Bluffs conservation area.

In case you think this will just be another day at the Bluffs, I’d like to
remind you that special things can happen this time of year. Here’s an
excerpt from an article in the ‘Bluebird’ about last year’s Big Sit:

“At around 11:00 a.m., the rain stopped, the wind shifted between WSW, SW,
SSW, and W and in the next few hours the cloud cover changed from overcast,
to partly-mostly cloudy and then clear by 4 p.m. It was during this period
we realized that we were witnessing one of the best movements of raptors in
a single day in Missouri, especially for Peregrine Falcons. Between 11 a.m.
and 4:15 p.m. we counted 48 Turkey Vultures, 5 Osprey, 12 Northern Harrier,
32 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 4 Cooper’s Hawks, 2 unidentified Accipiters, 5 Bald
Eagles, 4 Red-shouldered Hawks, 28 Broad-winged Hawks, 4 Red-tailed Hawks,
3 unidentified buteos, 6 unidentified raptors, and a mind-boggling 17
Peregrine Falcons! At one point after the passage of the front we were
averaging a new Peregrine every few minutes. Most birds moved N to S or NE
to SW and many took advantage of the thermals rising above the steep bluffs
east of Perche Creek and the Katy Trail. On a few occasions we would watch
Peregrines dive and swoop over numerous ducks on Pool 14 before continuing
SW over our vantage.”

[from: Paul McKenzie and others. 2017. “Record 18 peregrines in a single
day”. Bluebird vol 84, no 4, pp 172-175]


P.s. We will also provide grilled bratwurst for lunch. Bring a snack or a
side dish to share!
John Besser
Columbia MO

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