Date: 10/9/18 6:25 pm
From: Ken Januski <kenjanuski...>
Subject: Re: Was Rock Wren seen today?
I saw it with two other birders from 8:30-8:45 am, in the middle third of rock creek. Others saw it again about 11 or 11:30(I'm guessing on time). I left at that point but it might have been seen again later. Seems to make a 15 minute appearance then disappear for a few hours.

One puzzling thing I've wondered about in my two visits: is it searching for insects when it dives down in the rocks? Sometimes it will cock its head and look down as though it is in fact seeing something. Then it darts down. At other times it seems to look skyward then suddenly dart back down again. That's the odd part. Is it hearing something, getting telepathic communications. In any case it's been fascinating to watch.

Ken Januski

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I haven't seen any reports of the Rock Wren for today, 10/09. Does anyone know if it was seen?


Barry Blust
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