Date: 10/9/18 9:59 am
From: Jerry Schulz <jlsbird2757...>
Subject: Verrry Interesting !
Decided to go ahead and post this. Yesterday afternoon Jane came downstairs to ask if I heard a strange sound outside. The Bluejays were going crazy like they do whenever a hawk is in the area and she was hearing an unusual calling along with the jays. We stepped out on the front porch and both heard something that sounded to me like continuous squirrel barking coming from the trees across the street. I'd never heard anything like it. I saw something large move to another tree as the commotion continued. In a minute or so, I saw a large grey bird fly up the street. I realized it was a hawk and immediately thought Coopers. We have them hunt the feeders in our backyard and often see one sitting quietly in the trees watching.  As the bird quickly flew up the street I caught a glimpse of white at the base of the tail. Wait a second, was that a Northern Harrier,  ???  I remembered seeing some from years past.  I checked my Audubon app but no flight photo and the calls weren't right.     Ah ha, Sibley to the rescue. Sure enough, double checking showed no other hawk in / or migrating through AR with white at the base of the tail as I thought, and Sibley described the call as a "dry clucking or barking series ' chef chef chef .... to a rapid staccato ' ke ke ke ke... given mainly by male.( it really did sound like a barking squirrel ),    So,  I'm putting it down as a migrating Northern Harrier that strayed into west Little Rock for a look at city life.    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Happy birding. Jerry Schulz
Little Rock, Arkansas
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