Date: 10/8/18 6:18 pm
From: Carol Joan Patterson <0000003a0ccbe138-dmarc-request...>
Subject: abandoned cats at Eureka Springs shelter
Hi Everybody.
Here I am again, bringing up cats on our bird list.  Here's my reasoning: the Eureka Springs no kill shelter just got 26 cats that need homes urgently.  I care very much about the cats, but I am also deeply concerned that if homes are not found, this may result in a cat colony.  I have no evidence of this, it is just a fear of what could happen.  I thought that somebody on the list might be able to adopt a cat, or know of somebody who would - they are all ages and have already been neutered and gotten shots, flea prevention and other vet care.  The shelter is needing related help - drivers, donations.  More information is on this website:
Please forgive this email - responsible home for cats = longer lives for birds.  

Happy birding!Joanie

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