Date: 10/8/18 2:33 pm
From: Pam Potter <ppotter...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Cooper's hawks & BlueJays - Bartow Co
This morning everything was real quiet in the yard. You all know what that means...predators! Then the jays, just a few, 3-4, started the alarm. Then there were more jays! They finally flushed a Cooper's hawk and it hid in the trees where I could watch it. I watched about 5 jays hoping around the bad guy & it moved again so I could see it better. (wasn't that nice of it to do?). I reached for the camera and saw a hawk fly from behind the tree so I figured I'd missed a photo op. The original bad guy was still there. There were 2 hawks! I couldn't ID the second one but I guess it was another Coop's. Siblings?

Such drama!

Pam Potter
Bartow Co

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