Date: 10/8/18 12:56 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] South Coast Update
Just back from three days of birding/hiking/camping on south coast.
Highlights as follows:

Saturday early AM, N Spit Coos Bay- there an hour, had flocks of Aleutian
Cacklers every 5 to 10 minutes, largest flock 500, smallest 80- over 1,000
easy. Also two Canvasback and 4 GWF Geese.

On way in to Floras Lake, Curry there were about 1,500 Aleutian Cacklers in
the fields (Haga ranch) with more occasionally flying further north in the
pasturelands up that way. With the Cacklers were 6 GWF Geese.

Very windy Gold Beach so not much happening, found two Yellow Warblers at
Wedderburn ponds.

On Sunday (7th) lots of birds at Pistol River but nothing rare- most
unusual was a getting late BT Gray Warbler.

In Brookings at Mill Creek found about 6 Townsend’s with a chickadee flocks
and one Warbling Vireo. I found Townsend’s with many different chickadee
flocks but no rare warblers.

Up the Winchuck about a mile and a half there was a Say’s Phoebe. Drove
further up the Winchuck where I hiked the Packsaddle Mtn trail in PM. Cool
area- first part of trail in Doug-fir/knobcone pine forest with lots of tan
oak and chinkapin then the trail hits serpentine/peridiodite where it is
mostly Jeffery pine and dwarf Doug-fir. Most unusual birds were two CA
Scrub-jays which must have been migrants out in the open pine forest area
around 2,000’ elevation. More Townsend’s Warblers with chickadees and Mt.
Quail, Acorn Woodie and the usual forest birds. At my camp spot nearby to
trailhead had three unsolicited owls calling- screech, saw-whet and pygmy
at dawn. Gorgeous campspot with fantastic views of ocean and a great
sunset- up above 2,000’, never got below 56F.

No rain in Brookings this AM- sunny and 60 at sunrise. Scads of rumps
everywhere. More chickadee flocks with Townsend’s. Another Say’s Phoebe
along Oceanview Dr in Harbor. At Lone Ranch I jumped a dipper, which was a
bit odd but good habitat for them.

Windy again in Gold Beach with rain by Port Orford. Fun weekend for sure!

Got an e-mail from Bob Fields in Coos Bay- he had a BH Grosbeak at his
feeder on 6 Oct. Good for latest Coos record by 2+ weeks. Not sure whether
male or female, an Oct bird could just as well be a RB Grosbeak I would

Happy October birding!
Tim R
almost back to Coos Bay

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