Date: 10/8/18 11:56 am
From: Nicholas Mrvelj <nickmrvelj...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Multnomah Co. Ruff

I agree that the photo was taken at Force Lake. To echo Jay’s words, if one
chooses to bird on the golf course, please be discreet and try and stay out
of golfers’s ways. As someone who birds at that location quite frequently
during the colder months, I try and leave a very small “footprint” and make
my presence rather inconspicuous. The head groundskeeper is rather nice and
personable, so long as we all are respectful of the course and the golfers.

As for the second pond Jay referenced, I checked it this morning. There
were about 10 Yellowlegs present and many Green-winged Teals and Mallards.
The mud levels have improved with this past rain. Be mindful of golfers if
you decide to walk over, many will lay up their approach shot right near
the pond.

The Red Phalarope was also absent this early AM.

I also agree a prolonged stakeout is probably ones best bet for seeing the
Ruff and/or Red Phalarope. The shorebirds have a way of sneaking in to the
pond, and seemingly come from any of the four cardinal directions.

I’ll also second all the locations Jay mentioned for other possible haunts.
I’ll add that the entire stretch of the Columbia Slough running from N
Portland Ave all the way east to NE 33rd Drive (and beyond) can have
appropriate shorebird habitat, especially when the tide is low. I’ve
witnessed several species of shorebirds flying along the slough and
touching down here and there over this past week. There is a lot of ground
to cover however! Bicycles work best in my opinion.

Good Birding,
-Nick Mrvelj (Portland)

On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 11:23 AM Lyn Topinka <pointers...> wrote:

> the pictures are Force Lake ... there is a shoe in one of the pictures
> that appears in LOTS of my pictures from Force Lake when I was out there
> last week for the Phalarope ...
> Lyn Topinka
> Vancouver, Wa.
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> From: Jay Withgott <withgott...>
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> Subject: [obol] Re: Multnomah Co. Ruff
> Everyone, please note the location pin for the eBird checklist with the
> photographed Ruff at Heron Lakes Golf Course in Portland was not at Force
> Lake per se, but was at a small pond within the golf course that is to the
> left of the road (and mostly visible from the road) just before you reach
> the main parking lot for the course & clubhouse. That said, the mud shown
> in the photos does look more like Force Lake. As one of the county eBird
> reviewers, I have contacted the observer to get confirmation on the exact
> location, but for birders seeking the Ruff it might be worthwhile to check
> both locations.
> At any rate, it’s clear from the frequent comings and going of the Red
> Phalarope and other shorebirds at Force Lake in recent days that these
> birds move around a lot. Some of us have checked out other ponds on the
> golf course but have found them mostly devoid of mud and shorebirds. And
> one needs to be discreet and stay out of the golfers’ way. The Columbia
> Slough has been showing mud but can be time-consuming to access and check
> in any satisfactory manner. Vanport, alas, is bone-dry, as is Smith Lake
> and most of Bybee Lake. One place I would recommend is the wastewater
> treatment ponds that are immediately SW of the golf course, and can be
> accessed via the Columbia Slough Trail off of Portland Blvd. The parking is
> horrible and may not strictly be legal, the traffic is dangerous (please be
> careful!), and the place is positively skanky, but there have been
> shorebirds there this week, including dozens of peeps and 10 or more
> Pectorals. Men and trucks and equipment are actively workin
> g at the site now, resculpting the wastewater lagoons, so it is busy and
> kind of a mess. One cannot see the back pond from the slough trail, and I
> don’t know if anyone's asked the workers for permission to walk in and look
> at it, but I wouldn’t be optimistic. That all said, my own attempts to find
> the Phalarope in other locations failed, so an extended campout at Force
> Lake might realistically be one’s best bet to find the Ruff or any other
> good shorebird that may show up in the area.
> Congratulations to Chris Armstrong for finding the Ruff, and thanks to
> Isaac Denzer for identifying it from photos and bringing it to our
> attention.
> Jay Withgott
> Portland
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