Date: 10/8/18 8:03 am
From: Carol <imcaroling...>
Subject: [obol] Hawks and Such
Yesterday, we drove around the valley east of I5 between Hwy 34 and Brownsville. In about an hour’s time we counted 54 Red-Tailed Hawks. There were a few we could not identify from far off. On Glaser Dr. just a short ways off of 7 Mile Lane, there is a dark brown Red-Tailed Hawk that is hanging out on a fence post. We could be sure it was a Red-Tail because of the hint of rusty coloring on the tail. It’s left eye seems permanently closed, but that didn’t stop it from seeing a small rodent in the field, and we watched it fly off it’s perch and make a successful kill.

There are a lot of sheep herds in the fields now, and an adult Bald Eagle was in one of the fields with the sheep. We also counted 18 Kestrels, 3 Northern Harriers and a Peregrine Falcon which was sitting on a utility pole along 7 Mile Lane across from the Baptist Cemetery.

Carol and Jim Hiler
N. Albany
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