Date: 10/7/18 7:17 pm
From: Robert Wiedenmann <0000002694b336a7-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Charlie Craig Hatchery 10-6 and 10-7
Brad Brekelbaum and I were at the Charlie Craig Hatchery in Centerton yesterday and again late today.  Yesterday, we had two ibis on the upper pond, a number of peeps, some definitely Least Sandpiper (others not ID'ed, looking into the sun), and six birds we thought were Long-billed Dowitchers.  Great Egret, Great Blue Herons, 1 Green Heron, 3 Blue-winged Teal, 1 Bald Eagle, 1 Red-Tailed Hawk, 3 Wilson's Snipe were the highlights at the upper pond.  Lower ponds held a flat with peeps -- largely Least Sandpipers -- Canada Geese, Egyptian Geese and scads of Killdeer.  Maybe a dozen Double-crested Cormorants on one of the ponds.  A Merlin flew through, low over the ponds and perched on the eastern fence for maybe a minute.  Nice looks.  Still plenty of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, though many were grouped together -- leaving soon?  Also two Killdeer perched on a small shed on Anglin Road.

Something about the "six dowitchers" had me second guessing later and, returning to read Joe's Friday posting of six Stilt Sandpipers, I really was confused.  So, back we went late this afternoon.  Again the two Killdeer on the roof of the shed on Anglin Rd.  Two American Kestrels and a large Snapping Turtle on the road in front of the Hatchery.  Upper ponds -- the two with mudflats were devoid of bird life other than more Killdeer than I wanted to count, 1 Spotted Sandpiper, 1 Great Blue Heron, 1 Great Egret and a few very distant peeps.  The first filled upper pond held three Green Herons, two close together and one less than 3m from a Great Egret and Great Blue Heron.  Late afternoon, two calling Great Horned Owls.  At the lower ponds, and with good light, many Killdeer, likely 25-30 Least Sandpipers, 1-2 Baird's Sandpipers, 3 Pectoral Sandpipers (must have been both sexes -- one bird was much larger than the other two, but all appeared to be Pecs), 4 Egyptian Geese, 3 Spotted Sandpipers and 3 Wilson's Snipe.  Flyover of 5 Ibis, 2 D-c Cormorants, several Great Blue Herons.  No sign of Long-billed Dowitchers or Stilt Sandpipers today.  So, now I admit to not knowing what the shorebirds were that we saw late Saturday afternoon at the upper pond -- Stilt Sandpiper or Dowitcher...

FYI, at least one Black-crowned Night Heron at the University Farm pond Saturday just before dark.

Rob WiedenmannFayetteville

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