Date: 10/7/18 6:30 pm
From: Vivek Govind Kumar <vivekgk3...>
Subject: Wrens galore at Woolsey Wet Prairie
I visited Woolsey Wet Prairie this evening with Alyssa DeRubeis. Several Cistothorus wrens were seen/heard all over the site. Our final (conservative) tally was 16 Sedge Wrens and 11 Marsh Wrens (FOS). Both species produced a variety of contact/alarm calls and also sang occasionally. At one stage, we flushed a Sora from the long grass. When we stepped off the trail to try and get a better look at it, we disturbed at least 8 wrens (a mixture of both species) in a relatively small area. We probably overlooked many individuals today. The Sora obliged by flying up again and we had good views at close range.

A few late Dickcissels (5) were associating with Indigo Buntings (4). Common Yellowthroats (10) were also out in force. An unidentified cuckoo was observed briefly in flight. Other migrants included Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (4), Lincoln's Sparrow (3-FOS), Barn Swallow (1) and Chimney Swift (25). Large groups of Red-winged Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds (over 100 of each species) were seen flying to their roosts.

Vivek Govind Kumar
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