Date: 10/7/18 5:34 pm
From: Rick & Marianne Atkinson <marianne5...>
Subject: RT Hummingbird use flowers, not feeders - Clearfield County
This is the latest that I have seen a Ruby Throated Hummingbird at my home!
I watched it for about 15 minutes right before dusk this evening.

It was working the flowers and ignored the 2 different feeders that have
fresh sugar water in them.

The biggest draw for it were 6 large Vermillionaire Cupheas in hanging
baskets. They are literally hummingbird magnets, lol!!! The hummers
constantly check these Cupheas all summer. They are excellent for nectar
consuming, because they have an upright habit of growth, thereby making the
long red tubular flowers very accessible to the hummingbirds.

When frost hits and kills the foliage of the Cupheas, I will cut them back
and keep them in my unheated but not freezing garage all winter. I will
check them once to be sure that they are not bone dry. They will stay
dormant until the temps warm up in the spring. I will then put them back
outside and water them. They have come back the last couple of years and
keep getting bigger and bigger. They are still in full bloom, whereas many
of my other annuals are done blooming or winding down quickly.

The hummers also love the Lady in Red Salvia and Love and Wishes Salvia that
I have planted in large planters. Wendy's Wish and Ember's Wish Salvia are
also excellent and very similar to Love and Wishes Salvia. It is difficult
for me to find any of these salvias, since no local greenhouses sell them. I
have to rely on getting them out of town. So, I buy whichever of these 3
varieties that I can find.

Marianne Atkinson
Clearfield County near DuBois
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