Date: 10/7/18 5:05 pm
From: Linda Fink <linda...>
Subject: [obol] The Upper Nestucca CBC starts off the season!
Birders of all abilities and lack thereof are invited to participate in
the one and only all-Coast-Range CBC on Friday, Dec. 14. Just contact
our fearless leader, Don Albright <donalbright...>, and he will
match you with others on one of our incredibly beautiful sectors. Spend
a day in the mountains enjoying the fresh air, with very few houses,
cars or non-birding people to spoil the experience of being out in the
wildwood. (Not a ton of birds, either, but that can be a blessing unless
you are one of those who likes counting a zillion geese or starlings or

The count down dinner inside the count circle in a warm and friendly
home is always a big hit, with participants telling their count
highlights... and lowlights... along with a big helping of mirth and
delicious food.

Y'all come!

Linda Fink

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