Date: 10/7/18 1:50 pm
From: bill drolsbaugh <00000046cda72c3b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Ruddy ducks and other birds at Lake Julia Buhl park
At our Buhl Park  Fall bird walk (21 people) this morning it was  Very Sunny  Humid and wet  we saw Ruddy ducks (4-6) at Lake Julia  diving and feeding  one resident GBH  there were also various sightings of a Yellow Bellied sapsucker Golden Crowned Kinglets Eastern Bluebirds    and a Nice Surprise  a screaming Red headed wdpker and a Blue headed Vireo   with a  White throated sparrow  6-8  Crows  60 +Canada geese  1-2 White breasted nuthatches  Sorry if I left any birds  out   Thanks a lot for all the great people and a small Cub scout group  that showed up   Bill Drolsbaugh Mercer co Pa
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