Date: 10/7/18 1:03 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] AlumCreekLake-Hoover,10-07: Sanderling,Kinglets
The Columbus Audubon trip to these two hotspots found a warm day with
spotty migrants. We stopped at the Alum Creek Lake beach & Visitors
Center, New Galena Boat launch, and Hoover's Oxbow Island and Wiese Rd bike
path. Waterbirds and raptors were very thin, while some landbird migrants
(Flickers, Kinglets, Jays, Sparrows) were noticeable. Best find was a
winter-plumaged Sanderling running around the beach at Alum Creek lake.
Other Highlights included:

Woodpeckers - 3-4 sapsuckers and 6-7 Flickers were at Alum Creek lake spots
Flycatchers - the only one was a Wood Pewee at New Galena
Vireos - a Blue-headed was calling at New Galena
BlueJays - no massive movement yet, but most sites had 8-12, while the
Visitors Center had 20
Red-br.Nuthatch - 1 was at the point at New Galena
Kinglets - Ruby-crowns were at several sites; Golden-crowns were only at
New Galena, but there were 7-8 of them there.

Thrushes - a single Swainson's Thrush was at New Galena, while Robins were
common at all sites

Mimids - still 2 Catbirds - 1 at the Visitors Center, 1 at Wiese Rd -
despite poor berry crop
Waxwings - small flocks of Cedar Waxwings at every site
Warblers - scarce, with a few Yellow-rumps at every site; also had Palm
(Beach), Bay-breasted (New Galena), Black-thr.Green (Oxbow)

Sparrows - White-throateds at every site, but no large numbers; also had
Chipping, Field, Swamp, Songs, Towhee, all at the Visitors Center scrublands

Blackbirds - small flocks of Redwings at all sites except Wiese. Also had
a few Grackles at every site


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