Date: 10/7/18 11:49 am
From: world oceans <world.oceans7...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Watch for the tropicals!
Hi all,

In case you have not heard, Tropical Storm Michael is on its way from
Yucatan to the Florida panhandle and Alabama Gulf coast. Its widest
potential track shows it becoming a hurricane and impacting virtually all
of Georgia late Wednesday and Thursday.

This means two things: we should think carefully about any plans we have
for moving about the state later this week; and we should watch for
tropical stray birds. They often ride north (against their wishes) and
scatter widely in October when a big storm moves inland. Those of us who
especially love to chase hurricane birds and track rarities are now
studying our field guides so we know what all those extralimital goodies
look like!

Most importantly, please consider your driving plans carefully --
especially if they involve southern Georgia or Florida during the latter
half of this next week. Don't ruin your fall birding by trying to drive
through flood waters or monstruous winds.

Safe birding,
James Gibson
Clayton County

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