Date: 10/7/18 8:52 am
From: DAVID A LEATHERMAN <daleatherman...>
Subject: [cobirds] Tropical Kingbird food items

I plan to write an article for "The Hungry Bird" column in "Colorado Birds" (receiving this journal is a good reason to join Colorado Field Ornithologists) about the various foods the Tropical Kingbird is feasting on along the west side of South Platte Reservoir. I have heard about a "wasp" from Richard Bunn, seen an awesome photo of a Russian olive in its beak by Joey Kellner, and personally seen it get dragonflies, a moth and European buckthorn berries. I suspect midges, beyond abundant at that site and maybe what it is scarfing off the building walls/fences, are a fallback item available at all times when bigger things are scarce. I would welcome any photos of identifiable items in the beak of that bird or any descriptive observations, photo or no photo. It looks to me like it has lots of options, at least until the first hard freeze which feels imminent, and has found a fueling up spot before embarking on whatever is next in its travels.

Thank you Frank Farrell, Mike Lester (and Hurricane Rosa?).

Dare I mention the photo exhibit on what birds eat now on display in the Biolounge of the CU Museum of Natural History in Boulder is apparently being extended until the start of 2019.

Dave Leatherman

Fort Collins

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