Date: 10/6/18 7:22 pm
From: Kate StJohn <0000000f59b962a9-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Migrating birds stuck in Pitt victory lights?
Pittsburgh area birders,
Are there an unusual number of migrating birds near Pitt's Cathedral of Learning at dawn on Sunday 10/7? dawn on Monday 10/8?  If you are near campus tonight (10/6) or Sun night (10/7), are birds circling in the light beams above the Cathedral of Learning?
Pitt won its Homecoming football game this afternoon so the (relatively new) Pitt Victory Lights are glowing atop the Cathedral of Learning tonight and tomorrow night, Sat 10/6 and Sun 10/7.  The beams are similar though not as intense as the 9/11 Tribute of Light.

Migrating birds are attracted to light beams like these and become disoriented, circling them all night. A September 10th op-ed in the New York Times explained how this happens and how NYC Audubon helped the 9/11 Tribute make an easy change that solved the problem.
There's a south wind tonight in Pittsburgh so migration probably won't be intense. Nonetheless, I'd like to know if birds are attracted or become trapped in the victory lights since it would be easy to solve the problem.
Let me know what you see.

For a view of the Pitt Victory Lights and information on the deadly attraction of lights for migrating birds see:

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