Date: 10/6/18 4:52 pm
From: jimmy lee LAST_NAME <leewah...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Brig (aka Forsythe) Sat Oct 6

Brief report of 1 loop around the refuge this afternoon.

Several species of shorebirds around the highlights were 2 Hudsonian Godwits together just before marker 4 at the start of the dikes.

Several species of ducks mostly in eclipse plumage.

A perched adult Bald Eagle and later a perched Merlin.

A large flock (guestimate 60ish) of DC Cormorants.

About a dozen (males and a few females) Boat-tailed Grackles.

Headsup: the Smithville Village is having some kind of event so traffic was horrible (an hour to go < 4 miles), tomorrow Sun too.

Good birding.

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

South Brunswick, NJ

> On October 6, 2018 at 4:21 PM Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> wrote:
> Hello,
> Went well! 11 hours and 77 car miles later, Marilyn and I tallied 79 species.
> I believe good for a Camden county fall big day. We did ok with migrants.
> Could have been a tad better. Harleigh cemetery was super! I might make
> this my local go to migrant spot instead of Greenwald. Greenwald is good!
> but I am getting tired of the noise in the area. Today was a running race.
> Joy. Lake George was starting to get waterfowl back. I wasn't expecting
> Coot, but they were there! As was a RN duck. And Mute Swan. We didn't
> get to all the areas I wanted. Normal for me. I was running out of energy
> and we were running out of light. More waterfowl than I thought.
> Including a Common Loon at Cove Rd. in Pennsauken. Picked up
> Marsh Wren there also. Less raptors than I thought. No Coopers. But we
> did have a Merlin. No Black Vultures either. I am sure the overcast conditions
> played a role here.
> I dont know if 100 is possible in the fall. At least for me. We missed some birds
> that we just didnt hit the areas for. I don't race around anymore...... And less
> daylight in the fall. Birds not singing.....
> Lots of Monarchs flying today! Surprised me with the weather conditions.
> Cold and overcast. Well 70 degrees.
> We ended at that Winslow wma field. Great area! But really overcast by then and
> I wimped out on more walking. No Savannah Sparrow for us.
> I am going to email myself the trip list from the app. If anyone wants to see a full
> list of species and areas, just email me and I can forward that list.
> Good birding all.
> Sandra Keller
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