Date: 10/6/18 12:32 pm
From: <birderick...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Yard bird No. 114
I started very early this morning so I could get to my grandsons soccer game. I was out before sunrise, hoping for clear skies, but was surprised by another very foggy morning. But, my little hummingbird was still there.
The fog made for difficult birding, but I did have several active Blackpolls, and one or two Swainson's Thrushes skulking in the shrubbery. A single Ruby-crowned Kinglet flew in, chittering away. Eastern Phoebe was also here, briefly, tail-pumping in the trees.
As I moved along the fence line looking into the trees, a loud, ringing "tu-tu-tu" call came from above me, in the fog, several times. It sounded fairly low, but the bird remained hidden in the mist, as it circled a few times then headed off to the north, calling once more. My second yard record of a GREATER YELLOWLEGS (previously in 2009), misplaced and no doubt confused by the heavy fog. Yard bird No. 114 for the year (the last two species were both heard only birds).
An American Redstart was seen after this, but time was running short, and I had to leave. At lunchtime, I added a House Wren to the days tally, in the butterfly bush by the fountain.
Rick Sussman
Woodbine, Carroll

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