Date: 10/6/18 12:25 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: couple questions
1. Flowers... I had flowers in my yard this year that were white,
reminding me a bit of milkweed or something. I have to go do a simple
search to find out what it is(there's a white milkweed right?) so I can
get to the bottom of that on my own but, I'm already here typing so... 
white flowers on top... stems are, I guess winged? I don't know how to
explain it. They're not round stems... My real question with it is... IF
it is a beneficial one, do I leave it up longer? It's in parts of the
yard I want to clear and if it's beneficial and I should leave it up for
the seed heads or something, I'll do my best to work around it.

2. Rice...  the kind from the store... someone had a bag of it on the
kitchen floor and it got spilled. I'm wondering if that's something I
could(or should) scatter in the yard for the birds? Would the eat that
stuff? It's probably white jasmine rice. I'd just hate having it go to

3. Meal moths... anyone have a problem with them? Anything anyone does
to prevent them from getting into your feed? I have some sunflower seeds
from last season that have a nice collection of meal moth worms in
there.  I need to start getting things ready for my feeding season and
want to try and prevent that a bit better this year. I had the seeds all
in a big storage container but I think I stopped putting the lid on it.
:(    although, I think those things managed to get around that lid even
when I used one.  I'm thinking that I might be best off not letting feed
sit for half a year but, if I stop feeding in the Spring or summer...
simply dump all the extra seed I have...

4. Anyone want to come landscape my yard for me? HA.  I have lots of
dreams of more and more native plants that will feed wildlife throughout
the year but, my dreams are bigger than my actions. For now it's just a
little here and a little there.

Daniel Mason

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