Date: 10/5/18 10:19 pm
From: Jason Thiele <jasonthiele...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Introduction + sparrow migration in the northeast
Hello, NE Birders!

I am a Nebraska native who recently returned to the state after about a decade away. I grew up in Antelope County, , but my wife and I recently moved to Norfolk (Madison County), where I am a biologist for the Game and Parks Commission. I am very happy to be back home!

Today was a big sparrow day in the northeast part of the state. In little brush pile near the office in Norfolk, I saw a nice variety of species, including a Fox Sparrow (FOS), Dark-eyed Juncos (FOS), White-throated Sparrows (FOS), Lincoln's Sparrows, Harris's Sparrows, and Song Sparrows. While driving on country roads between Norfolk and Battle Creek, I observed several small groups of Savannah and Vesper Sparrows. But the best spot of the day was a small CRP field southwest of Battle Creek. This first-year "weedy" CRP field and the plum thicket in the adjacent ditch were crawling with sparrows (and one Orange-crowned Warbler). Here I observed most of the species mentioned earlier as well as a Clay-colored Sparrow (FOS), White-crowned Sparrows (FOS), Field Sparrows, and the bird of the day, a FOS LeConte's Sparrow! It definitely was a good reminder of the importance of CRP to both resident and migratory birds - hopefully the program will get back up and running soon.

I look forward to meeting more of my fellow NE birders in the field! Have a great weekend!

Jason Thiele
Norfolk, NE (Madison County)

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