Date: 10/5/18 2:48 pm
From: Katrina Knight <kknight...>
Subject: Baird's Sandpiper in Berks
Art Zdancewic and I checked out a rain pond on the edge of a
corn field on Old Topton Road near Kutztown today. Greater
Yellowlegs had been reported there earlier in the week. When we
arrived, there were about 50 Mallards on the pond and one
shorebird on dry land next to the pond. Before I even lifted my
binoculars I could tell that the shorebird was no yellowlegs.
Instead, it was a Baird's Sandpiper! It would be fair to say
that was a big surprise. As we were looking at it a group of
about 12 Greater Yellowlegs flew in, distracting us from it.
Something spooked them a few minutes later and when we looked
again the Baird's was gone, not to be seen again.

The other interesting thing about our stop there was the
behavior of the Mallards. The pond went into the cornfield on
one side and some of the ducks were swimming up to the corn
stalks then reaching their heads up to feed on the corn on the

Katrina Knight
Reading, PA, USA
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