Date: 10/5/18 1:01 pm
From: Steve Marak <samarak...>
Subject: Re: A bunch of Ibis and a Black-crowned Night-Heron
We were also Ibis-watching at Charlie Craig yesterday. We got there
earlier than Karen and while the sun position was still poor we have a
few pictures in which we can see red eyes in several of the birds,
though there are others that seem to have dark eyes. How reliable is
that characteristic? (I can send crops of pictures to anyone interested.
Not great pictures, but sufficient to clearly see eye color.)


On 10/5/2018 11:33 AM, Karen Garrett wrote:
> After spending some time, yesterday, gawking at the 35 Ibis (most
> likely White-faced, but who can be 100% sure, what with the  distance
> and the pos9litional disadvantage relative to the sun, I couldn't make
> out the red eyes),  I spent some time gawking at the dozens, if not
> hundreds of tiny blue damselflies.  I then decided to brave the
> traffic, and and set out for University Farms in Fayetteville, to see
> the Night-Herons.  It took me a while to locate one, as it  had
> migrated to the south side of the pond.  I never saw the other two
> that had been reported earlier in the week, but they may have been
> hiding in the dark tangle of tree roots near the one I saw. One other
> item of note, there were three Sedge Wrens, one in the brush along the
> pond, and at least two more in the crop to the north.
> It's an interesting spot, but I would not visit again in shorts and
> running shoes.
> Karen Garrett
> Rogers
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