Date: 10/5/18 9:03 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: bird feeders
My brain is stuck in about a dozen thoughts...
Anyone, especially NWA, make and maybe sell bird feeders? I've looked
around for some in the past... not home made ones as, I'm cheap and poor
and store bought(walmart) is usually cheaper. But, I'm picky. The bird
feeder we had for years kind of needed to be retired a long time ago.
I started building a new one the way I wanted earlier this year but, got
distracted. I may go back to making an attempt again on that.

We have a pole in the yard with two hanging feeders and we had one cedar
feeder at the top of the pole. Birds could eat from the left and right
sides and suet cages on front and back... (depending on how you looked
at it)
I want something similar... I always have lots of ideas... maybe a wider
screen under it all to catch stuff before it hits the ground... (tired
of feeding rats and mice)  Lots of thoughts. Very little of what I find
in stores matches what I'm looking for...

So, if anyone has any home made ones that aren't ridiculously
expensive(found some on ebay for like $150, I can't justify that) I'd be
interested in seeing what people have.

Also, do people have favorite places they like to buy feeders from?
Stores or online answers both welcome.

And...  Do people have favorite feeder types?  I like having more than
one type

I haven't really filled any feeders all summer and after hearing a
red-breasted nuthatch this morning, I'm thinking I need to start getting
things setup for winter. :)

Daniel Mason

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