Date: 10/5/18 8:00 am
From: CHELEMER, MARC J <mc2496...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] The difference between our perception and that of the bird

"Desired" or "nemesis" species tend, in my mind, to take on mythical proportions. The search this September (and many Septembers before this one) for a Connecticut Warbler -day after day visits to the "wet area" at Garret Mountain, the "right spot" at Glenhurst Meadows, and other places where the species has been seen - and the appearance of individuals during the course of the month in places where I was NOT - tends to create the idea that when one IS finally observed, it will be accompanied by flights of angels, a ray of sunlight, some external sign that the observation has finally happened.

In reality, nothing of the sort occurs. The Connecticut Warbler I observed at Higbees in mid-September just casually hopped up onto a branch and sat there, looking around, for more than two minutes. The Nelson's Sparrow I found at the Bayonne spartina marsh was eagerly gorging itself on seeds and stayed quietly in the shadow. And today, at Garret Mountain, two FOY Orange-crowned Warblers sat quietly in a tree at eye level for more than five minutes, not moving, likely resting from a long overnight flight before starting to forage. There was no fanfare, just two small birds keeping company on a sunny morning, oblivious to the excitement of this birder at being in the right time and place to observe them.

Garret WAS wonderful this AM...44 species including lots of warblers, vireos, sparrows, woodpeckers, etc. I had to leave when the flock I was observing was just getting really active. I hope other birders have experienced an excellent migration day as well: the radar this early morning showed huge flocks moving over central NJ.

Good birding,

Marc Chelemer

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