Date: 10/5/18 7:07 am
From: DAVID A LEATHERMAN <daleatherman...>
Subject: [cobirds] Grandview Cemetery, Fort Collins, on 4October2018 (Larimer)
Very birdy yesterday. Total of 31 species.


Red-naped Sapsucker (adult male) in elms 50 yards e of main entry bridge

Cassin's Vireo - mostly in juniper, saw it catch the favorite food of "solitary" vireos which is rough stink bug (Brochymena sp.)


Brochymena sulcatus, a common rough stink bug along the Front Range, actual length about 1/2 inch

[cid:88903f26-8f7b-4841-b730-050f59c85853] [cid:9db1a3cd-3761-4e38-a78f-1965c1f97a3b]

Cassin's Vireo holding (l) and swallowing (r) rough stink bug caught in juniper and taken to Douglas-fir for consumption.

Common Raven - small group of 5 soaring high together over nw corner

Yellow-rumped Warbler - at least 25, mostly after yellowjackets in elms

Wilson's Warbler - 2

Ruby-crowned Kinglet (several)

Dark-eyed Junco - half dozen along the ditch

Western Tanager - 3-4 in buckthorns and junipers getting fruit/cones


Hairy Woodpecker - 1 male

Turkey Vulture - 1 soaring high, last of the year?

Barn Swallows, grackles and hummers appear to be gone. Today was first time in last few weeks I didn't notice a Townsend's Warbler.

Both goldfinches still present, mostly in sunflowers in the backyard of the first house ne of the entrance on Grandview Avenue (the dogs, Ella, Bert and Macey, will bark if you check, just so you know).

Lots of caching/probing action from the "regulars" (Red-breasted Nuthatch, White-breasted Nuthatch, Brown Creeper).

No solitaire yet, no recent crossbills, recent influx of Zonotrichia sparrows and the Spotted Towhee appears to be over.

Psyllids, probably the smaller blistergall makers, are beginning to hatch, which means hackberries are worth checking over the next 2 weeks for small insectivores like warblers, kinglets, etc.

Dave Leatherman

Fort Collins

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