Date: 10/4/18 6:43 pm
From: Ian Stewart <istew...>
Subject: [de-birds] The Big Sit and the inaugural October Big Day
Hi all,

This Saturday (October 6th) the ‘Big Sit’ is being held at the Delaware
Nature Society’s annual ‘Harvest Moon Festival at Coverdale Farm Preserve
in Greenville, Delaware. The Big Sit is a fun, informal competition where
you simply record all species seen or heard while remaining within a 17
meter circle. It’s a relaxing way to spend a few hours in a beautiful
setting as we will be set up at the DOS table.

‘This is a week earlier than the official Big Sit!’ I hear you cry, but we
moved it up to this weekend so that it would coincide with this popular
festival (link below) and also the first ever October Big Day, where people
all over the world report their sightings to eBird in order to obtain a
global snapshot of bird distribution. Also, this month’s eBird challenge is
to enter 3 checklists on October Big Day, so why not make the Coverdale Big
Sit one of those checklists?!

Entrance to Harvest Moon is free if you are a DNS member (or become one on
the day) or if you are willing to volunteer as an official Big Sit counter
or volunteer to staff the DOS table for a few hours and talk to visitors
about the society and hand out promotional materials. If you would like to
volunteer as a Big Sit counter or at the DOS table please let me know at
<istew...> and I will pass on your name to the people at the front desk.

Come on out! It'll be fun!
Ian Stewart
Avondale PA 19311

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