Date: 10/4/18 11:07 am
From: Daniel Farrar <jdanielfarrar...>
Subject: [obol] Lane Coast ocean watch
This morning did an hour long sea watch from the Suislaw south jetty. Best
bird was a small black and white SHEARWATER. It was smaller than the SOOTY
SHEARWATER that passed by a few minutes earlier. It was very white
underneath and very dark above, with no discernable back pattern. It was
too far to safely conclude the color of the undertail covers, but my
impression was white. It stayed mostly low and was hard to see but
occasionally wheeled up showing the gleaming white belly and all dark
back. I lean towards MANX but could not rule out BLACK-VENTED.

Two BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS flew by the jetty heading north. The nearest
rocks south are Winchester Bay then Coos Bay. Also had 3 HORNED GREBE
which were new arrivals and 5 or 6 RED-NECKED GREBE. Groups of around a
dozen BROWN PELICANS were heading south, maybe 60 birds total.

A few porpoises were off the jetty as well, presumably Harbor.

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