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So did the Commission sign off on the airport too or just Montoucet.

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Please forgive me if this was already posted. Glad to see it

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Encouraging comments to Wildlife and Fisheries Commission at their Oct 4 meeting

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LWF Opposes Airport at Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge


Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge in 2017

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation (LWF) is opposed to re-establishing an airport at Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge. An Intergovernmental Agreement signed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission gave Grand Isle Independent Levee District a lease to operate and manage what is described in the document as the Grand Isle Airport on Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge property.

LWF is glad to see the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission has added this discussion to its October 4 meeting so the public can hear an explanation of how the airport and its lease agreement have been reviewed and approved without previous public notice.

Additionally, LWF is calling for an immediate halt to any activities in the Refuge that support development of an airport until a public hearing has been held to address concerns about the signed agreement and the compatibility of an airport with the purposes of the Refuge.

"LWF will be raising our members' and affiliates' grave concerns about re-establishing the air strip and developing an airport at Elmer's Island," said LWF Executive Director Rebecca Triche. "Asking the public to wait to comment during the permit application process is not acceptable for a project like this."

The construction necessary to establish the Grand Isle Airport at Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge would reduce and degrade habitat of this unique and valuable wildlife area. Additionally, LWF believes that noise and disturbances from airplane and helicopter traffic, along with aircraft support activities, will diminish the recreational enjoyment of the Refuge as a whole.

According to the "Elmer's Island Wildlife Management Plan," the majority of Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge is composed of beach/coastal dune grasslands and salt marsh habitats. More than 170 species of birds are believed to utilize Elmer's Island and the surrounding beach and marsh during some point in their life cycle; almost 40 of these species are listed as bird species of conservation concern in Louisiana. Elmer's Island is listed as critical habitat for the piping plover.

Elmer's Island is a stopover point for migratory birds and provides habitat for nesting shorebirds. It provides habitat for Federally Listed Threatened and Endangered Species that include Red knot, Threatened Piping plover, Threatened Loggerhead sea turtle, Threatened Green sea turtle, Threatened Kemp's ridley sea turtle, Endangered Leatherback sea turtle, and Endangered Hawksbill sea turtle.

To manage an airport for aircraft safety, a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan would be needed. The elements of such a plan would likely require elimination of wildlife and its habitat in the area that includes most, if not all, of the Refuge.

Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge is popular for surf fishing, bank fishing, swimming, sunbathing, kayaking and bird watching. All of this would be made less enjoyable by airplane traffic in the area.

Comments about LWF's position can be sent to <lwf...>

LWF is encouraging public comments to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission at their meeting scheduled for October 4, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. at the Wildlife and Fisheries Headquarters Building located at 2000 Quail Drive, Baton Rouge, LA.

If you want to watch the Commission's meeting, a live audio/video stream of this meeting will be available via<>. To attend this meeting via webinar visit:

Follow updates and take action for coastal restoration work in Louisiana:


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