Date: 10/3/18 4:56 pm
From: Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10...>
Subject: [obol] Birds/Blue Whales - Depoe Bay
Gerard Lillie and I have been at Depoe Bay for a few days.

In addition to the many close in Gray Whales, on October 2 there were 4 or 5 Blue Whales off shore. The identification was made by the shape, height and volume of the blows. I leaned that a birder with a southern accent had seen Blue Whales the day before from the same location. I suspect that it was the birder from North Carolina who I had met about two weeks ago.


Two very likely Rock Sandpipers flew by today along the water ’s edge of the rock shore, but they weren’t well seen.

A few Casin’s Auklets and Marbled Murrelets OCT 3 and yesterday.

Two Pomarine Jaegers OCT. 3.

Heavy migration of Brown Pelicans heading south.

Jeff Gilligan

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