Date: 10/3/18 3:00 pm
From: Howard Horvath <horvathhoward...>
Subject: [COBOL] Wednesday Birding 10/3/18
Six persons birded the High Lakes today.  At Wickiup Reservoir we visited the dam, Wickiup Butte Boat Ramp, the ponds by the kiosk, & North Wickiup Boat Ramp.  From there we went to South Twin Lake & Sheep Bridge.  At Crane Prairie we visited the Resort & Cow Camp.  Also visited were Lava Lake & Sparks Lake.  We saw the following species: 
Canada GooseWood DuckAmerican WigeonMallardCommon MerganserPACIFIC LOON( South Twin Lake)Common LoonPied-billed GrebeHorned Grebe( South Twin Lake)American White Pelican( 200 + at first two stops)Double-crested CormorantGreat Blue HeronGreat EgretOsprey( South Twin Lake)Bald EagleNorthern HarrierAmerican CootKilldeerRing-billed GullRinged KingfisherNorthern FlickerCanada Jay( aka Gray Jay)Steller's JayCommon RavenRed-breasted NuthatchPacific WrenAmerican DipperRuby-crowned KingletMountain BluebirdAmerican RobinVaried Thrush( small flock at Wickiup Butte Boat Ramp)American PipitYellow-rumped WarblerSpotted Towhee
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