Date: 10/3/18 11:03 am
From: Patricia Valdata <pvaldata1...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Hummer and butterfly
This morning, a Monarch butterfly emerged from the chrysalis we'd been
keeping an eye on in the backyard. When I went outside at 8 a.m. it was
already fully out, with straight wings. A half hour later were were on the
back porch when we saw it take its first flight up to the Mexican Sage
plant just above the chrysalis.

A few minutes later, a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird showed up. She
looked askance at the butterfly but then seemed to decide it was not a big
deal, and for the next several minutes we watched the two of them sip
nectar from the same plant. How cool is that?

I've attached the best of the poor-quality cell phone photos we were able
to get.

Pat Valdata
Crisfield, Somerset County

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