Date: 10/2/18 4:39 pm
From: 'Elliott Bedows' <ebedows...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Zorinski Lk, Douglas Co.
Hello everyone,

This morning (and into the early afternoon), Mary Clausen and I hiked the
entire nine [9] mile loop around Zorinski Lk in Douglas Co. The best
finding was a Black-legged Kittiwake (see below for the documentation) but
there were a number of other notable sightings as well. In total, 45
species were seen including:

Canada Gs. [X]; a Mute Swan of questionable origin; Wood Duck [1]; Mallard
[X]; DC'd Cormorant [300]; Amer Wht Pelican [250]; Grt. Blue Heron [6]; Grt.
Egret [10]; Cattle Egret [1]; Snowy Egret [1]; Broad-winged Hk [1]; RT'd Hk
[1]; Grt. Yellowlegs [1]; Willet [1]; Blk-legged Kittiwake [1]**; Franklin's
Gull [250+]; Ring-billed Gull [3]; Herring Gull [1]; Mourning Dove [X];
Belted Kingfisher [1-2]; Red-bellied Woodpecker [X]; Downy Woodpecker [X];
Hairy Woodpecker [2]; No. Flicker [X]; Blue-headed Vireo [1]; Blue Jay [X];
Amer. Crow [X]; Tree Swallow [8]; Barn Swallow [100+]; Blk-capped Chickadee
[X]; Wht-brst'd Nuthatch [X]; RC'd Kinglet [6]; Amer. Robin [X]; Gray
Catbird [2]; Brn Thrasher [1]; Org-crowned Warbler [2]; Com. Yellowtht [1];
YR'd Warbler [50]; Vesper Sparrow [1]; Song Sparrow [2]; Lincoln's Sparrow
[2]; No. Cardinal [X]; Com. Grackle [3]; Amer Goldfinch [X].

**= Gull sp. that was larger than the Franklin's Gulls but slightly smaller
than the Ring-billed Gulls that it was flying with. The wing tips were
entirely black (i.e. with no white mirrors) and the all yellow bill was
shorter than that of the RB'd and Franklin's Gulls. The Gull had a black
ear 'smudge' and exhibited a more buoyant flight than did the FrGu's or the
RBGu that were in proximity. The leg color could not be seen as the bird
remained in flight over the Lk for the entire time (several minutes) that it
was being observed before flying off over the Lk.

Elliott Bedows,

Bellevue, Sarpy Co.

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