Date: 10/2/18 2:32 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] GahannaWoods,10-02:Red-br.Nuthatches,Orange-cr.Warbler
I stopped by this park today and found small clusters of migrants, mostly
in wind-less zones on this windy afternoon. I also stopped at nearby Old
Quarry Park (which had little) and Blacklick Ridge Park (which also had
some migrants). Notables included:

Woodpeckers - 1 sapsucker and 4-5 flickers were at Gahanna Woods
Red-br.Nuthatches - 4 had accumulated in the pine woods at Gahanna Woods
Brown Creeper - 1 was in the pine woods at Gahanna Woods
Flycatchers - E.WoodPewee at Blacklick Ridge; E.Phoebes at Gahanna Woods &
Blacklick Ridge
Vireos - Blue-headed at Gahanna Woods
Kinglets - no Golden-crowns yet, but 2-3 Ruby-crowns were at Gahanna Woods
Thrushes - 1-2 Swainsons at Gahanna Woods
Mimids - still had 3-4 Catbirds at Gahanna Woods
Warblers - Orange-crowned was just east of the parking area at Gahanna
Woods; that park also had Magnolia, Bay-breasted, and Black-thr.Green.
BlacklickRidge had Magnolia, Black&White, Blackburnian, Redstart, and
Buntings,Grosbeaks - Gahanna Woods had 4 Indigo Buntings along the scrubby
edge north of the parking area


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