Date: 10/2/18 10:55 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: NWR safety
Long story, and lots of info in there. One thing that might get lost is
that there are only 51 of these dual duty officers. I can't imagine the
kind of chaos increasing that some are speculating or that any of us
here would notice a bit if there are only 51 of those officers for the
whole country. And 19 new officers(just officers) will be added soon.
I imagine that in some locations, a loss of those capabilities
could(potentially, maybe) cause crime to rise.
I've got lots of thoughts but, they're just thoughts. -51 positions and
then +19 means the country will have 32 fewer people patrolling the
entire country's NWR's.
And nobody is getting fired. Those people will just lose their police
type authority. They claim it's so they can focus on what they were
hired to do in the first place... Again, just thoughts. I don't think
we'll notice anything change.
I don't know if this conversation will last long as it's not exactly
bird related and borders on political... I don't think we have to worry
about this but, I will say one thing... it is sad that we have to even
think about it. I wish it was easier to teach people to respect laws and
respect nature. The fact that people still poach, litter, etc... it
saddens me. We shouldn't need people policing parks for such things.
I wish it was easier to get people to have more respect. Did parents
fail in this? can it be changed?  :(
I'm working on teaching my children about respecting other people's
property... just in how they interact with each other even. It does have
to be taught as, somehow, it's just not human nature to think that way?
I'm rambling. sorry.
As far as safety goes... there were never enough law enforcement to
offer us, the birders, any real protection. I don't carry or even own a
gun... and a knife might not do me much good but, I carry a knife when I
bird often sort of "just in case." In case I run into some nut out there
or, a wild or domestic animal that decides to not be so friendly.
I can feel a little uneasy when I'm in the middle of nowhere, all alone
sometimes. HA.  And I know of one angry resident in citizen that doesn't
like anyone birding on his entire road(it's not "his" road of course)
and I came across a seemingly mentally unstable man in a car at city
lake right here in Siloam once... yelling and hitting his own car, all
by himself, yelling and yelling for some time. It was a little
unsettling especially when he drove just a few feet next to my car to
come see why I was there... and the people that I've run across that
were obviously up to something else(drugs or some such) that didn't like
having company where they were hanging out.
Wait, I'm still rambling?  oops.
Stay safe and keep looking up...

Daniel Mason

On 10/2/2018 12:26 PM, Janine Perlman wrote:
> This may be of interest to those who bird in NWRs.

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