Date: 10/2/18 7:42 am
From: Curt Davis <curtjdavis...>
Subject: [de-birds] American Avocet on Newark Reservoir (New Castle County)

There is an American Avocet (AMAV) on the Newark Reservoir. This might be a
good chase bird for many of you since it appears to be the first the eBird
record in Delaware north of the canal (my first for New Castle County). It
was on the west bank when I arrived at 7:10 and within 10 minutes a Bald
Eagle was pursuing it; the AMAV let out a few alarm calls and outflew the
BAEA, which continued flying to the northwest. As I was leaving at 9:45,
the AMAV was on the south bank right at the water line. I don't think that
it will last long since it is easy prey for the raptors and I am sure is
anxious to head south.

My eBird list is
and I will be listing the AMAV as soon as I upload the photos.

Good luck!

-Curt Davis, Newark, DE


*Energy and Environmental Policy*
University of Delaware

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