Date: 10/2/18 7:26 am
From: John Herman <jherman.1257...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Knox Lake (Knox Co.) rosette spoonbill
I was at Knox Lake at 7:45 a.m. today. I did not see the Spoonbill but did
see at least 8 Great Egrets. It is quite possible that the spoonbill
remains there. The northeast area of the lake is only accessible by boat &
there are areas where a "heron" could hide. One place to scope the lake is
at Knox Lake at the north side of the lake. There are pulloffs along the
road that people use to fish there. This is probably the best place to
'scope the north area of the lake from. If a person continues east along
Knox Lake Road & takes the first right turn onto Armentrout Road, & then
continues to an intersection, then turns right onto Old Mansfield Road, a
person continues until they come to a parking lot alongside Knox Lake. The
other side of the island at the northeast side of the lake can be 'scoped
here & the shoreline at the north side of the lake. If a person continues
south on Armentrout Road & then turns right onto, I believe it is
Cunningham Road ( sign there for the Knox Lake marina), a person arrives at
the marina & a parking lot where the south area of the lake can be 'scoped.
Just because I didn't see the spoonbill there this a.m. doesn't mean it is
not still there. The person who found the spoonbill yesterday was kayaking
at the north area of the lake. It might take some patience for the bird to
come out into the open to be seen.
I'm hoping the spoonbill roams to one of the Richland County reservoirs. :
< )
Get out there & find yourself some "good" birds. Don't camp on your
computer, waiting for someone to find you a stake-out guarateed lifer.
I did hear a sandhill crane while I was at Knox Lake rd. at the north side
of the lake this a.m.
Good birding,
John Herman


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