Date: 10/1/18 9:10 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Garden County
Out in the Panhandle, trying to improve some county lists. Spent most of today (October 1) working Garden County.

The best bird of the day was a MacGillivray's Warbler at Lisco. The bird was in shrubs on the west side of the flooded ditch/pond on the west side of the road, about 1/8 mile north of the North Platte bridge. It was cooperative, moving enough to let me look at it from several different angles, and holding each pose long enough for me to see details. Bright yellow underparts; light to medium gray hood, including the throat and upper breast. Bright white crescents above and below the eye. Back and wings greenish; no wing-bars. The head wasn't as dark a gray as on Sibley's illustration of the male MacG's, but roughly the color of a Nashville's head; this leads me to suspect that the bird was a female or an immature.

Also found a Broad-winged Hawk in urban Lisco; a Harris's Sparrow at the Lisco crossing and another north-northeast of Oshkosh; a Hermit Thrush at the Lisco crossing; and both Audubon's and Myrtle warblers north-northwest of Crescent Lake NWR.

Getting away from ornithology, I found an elk on the south side of the river about 2 miles downstream from the Broadwater bridge. I saw it from the car in the pre-dawn twilight, and my initial response was "There's something odd about that cow". As I backed up for a better look, the creature jumped over a barbed-wire fence, which is definitely not cow behavior. It turned out to be an elk, with an impressive rack of antlers—as far as I know, the first elk that I've seen in Nebraska.

William Flack

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