Date: 10/1/18 5:47 pm
From: Harry Fuller <atowhee...>
Subject: [obol] Yamhill: first juncos of season at our house, flickers abound

Today was the FIRST of October and today the FIRST juncos of the season
appeared beneath our hanging feeders. Now I can expect to see one or more
of them every day for months to come. Juncos were consistently present,
sometimes more than three dozen at once, from January through the third
week of April. Then off they went to breed in coniferous forests, some far
to the north, others perhaps nearby in the Coast Range and Cascades.
Juncos don’t require northern latitudes nor high elevation…they breed in
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park at less than 100-foot elevation. They do
require dense canopy and deep shade to help conceal their nests on the

All summer I had only two brief juncos visits, one day in July, another day
in August. No juveniles. I expect those juncos were visiting adults, on
vacation after nesting and rearing young in nearby Rotary Park.

Also the MDS must have dropped off a shipment of flickers overnight. A
short walk in our neighborhood today exposed at least a half dozen of
them. These strangers were hanging out in places I rarely see them. Oh,
MDS stands for “Migration Delivery Service.” MDS will be bringing along
Fox Sparrows, Golden-crowned Sparrows, probably Varied and Hermit Thrush
and thousands of ducks and geese for wet season marshes. Can’t wait.

Pictures on m blog.

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