Date: 10/1/18 4:09 pm
From: DAVID A LEATHERMAN <daleatherman...>
Subject: [cobirds] Crow Valley Campground (Weld) on 1 October 2018
Better than it has been the last few visits but still lacking any special eastern migrants. Highlights:

Broad-winged Hawk flying all around in trees near main picnic area, frequently giving two-syllable, high-pitched "peee-weeee" call.


Sapsucker juvenile. I am calling it a Red-naped on the basis of the date and the fact its back lacked any tan or gold tint. In my experience, Yellow-bellies don't usually show up along the northern Front Range until late November at the earliest and usually show the back tints mentioned. The bird had no visible red on the nape but juvenile Red-napeds are "allowed" to not show all their cards thru October according to my references.

[cid:7d19a924-ccb3-46cd-b4d1-a0ee28c1320d] [cid:19aece5a-4038-49cb-9377-aba193bed983] [cid:f2174310-3daf-4be6-90de-56c06b08906f]

Marsh Wren in the northwest corner creekbed weeds (no water present).

Eastern Bluebird (2), one of which went up and peeked into a suitable nest hole in a Siberian elm (house prospecting for next summer or a cavity they used this summer, or both?).


Gray Catbird (getting sort of late, making a chip note very similar to that of MacGillivray's Warbler!).

Peregrine Falcon soaring over Briggsdale.

Multiples of Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Common Yellowthroat, House Wren, Hermit Thrush, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (8!), Orange-crowned Warbler (9), Wilson's Warbler. Singles of Swainson's Thrush and American Pipit (flyover).


Hermit Thrush

Total of 36 species

Major misses: Sandhill Crane, White-crowned Sparrow, Spizella sparrows, Townsend's Solitaire. Minor misses: White-throated Sparrow, late empids.

Dave Leatherman

Fort Collins

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