Date: 9/30/18 9:14 pm
From: Paul Conover <zoiseaux...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Cameron and Calcasieu today

       I drove down to Cameron in the rain this morning. Rain persisted
until late morning, then gusty winds followed for an hour or so, After
that, the sky began to clear and the wind calmed, but most areas I
visited had quite a bit of standing water.

       I passed by Holly Beach in the rain, but overall it was just
full of the regular early fall regulars, mainly Laughing Gulls with a
few terns thrown in. The mass of fall migrant gulls have yet to arrive,
but there was one Franklin's Gull and a Lesser Black-backed thrown in.

       Peveto was fairly active once the rain and wind let up, with a
scattering of warblers and vireos and smaller number of other migrants.
I probably had about 10 warbler species, most singles and none in high
numbers. Best bird there was a Bell's Vireo.

       Willow Island had a nice group of warblers, and 5 Mississippi
Kites circling over as I was on my way out may be the last I see for a

       On the way back, I stopped on Lavoi Road west of Bell City and
had decent luck along the road near thickets, with the best birds
Mourning Warbler and Traill's Flycatcher.

       Overall, while it seems like summer, birds are sneaking through
like it's fall. By the time a cool front comes, the migrants might have
cleared out, but there were some fall-ish moments today like my first
Marsh Hawk, my first two Vermilion Flycatchers (although Judson Lassiter
had one over a month ago), and a wire with several hundred Tree Swallows
bunched up.

       I should also warn everyone about the mosquitoes. Everywhere I
went there were swarms of mosquitoes, including some really large
species. I haven't seen such a big hatch since hurricane years. It took
a head net, leather gloves, and a raincoat and rubber boats to make
birding bearable. They bit right through two layers of shirts when I
took the raincoat off.

Paul Conover

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