Date: 9/30/18 7:44 pm
From: Daniel Sloan <danielsloan215...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Charles County notables 09/30: CORA, BBCU, RBNU
I've been making my way down to Charles County about once per week or so lately, mostly because I saw that the county doesn't get a lot of attention on eBird (and it kind of satisfies my occasional wanderlust and desire to get out of the city).

I was down there until about 12pm today, and came across a few things of note:

1. At Smallwood State Park I have one Common Raven, which I heard first and then saw doing some aerial acrobatics before it perched on the big tower, and then flew off. I think there was a second one, but I never laid eyes on it. Although I was surprised to see one, I was kinda surprised to see the bird flagged in eBird.

2. I also heard a Black-billed Cuckoo in the same vicinity as the CORA, for at least five minutes straight. When I started to get closer, the bird went silent.

3. This isn't really notable this year since we're being invaded, but it's worth mentioning anyway. At Smallwood I had three Red-breasted Nuthatches and two at Chapman SP (probably more, tbh). I also heard another while driving between Mattawoman Creek Road and Chapman, but I didn't stop to enter it because a pickup truck was about a foot from my car's trunk.

I was hoping to make another stop or two, but I wanted to get home in time for the Eagles game. In retrospect I would have been better off not going home.

Good birding,
Dany Sloan
Columbia Heights, Washington, DC

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