Date: 9/30/18 5:18 pm
From: Susan Treesh <sktreesh...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Sandy Hook 9-30-18
Overnight northerly winds brought another day of good migration to Sandy
Hook.  Species were much the same, with a few departures and a few
arrivals. Northern parulas and blackpolls again predominated, whether
new arrivals or stayovers from yesterday.  But the relative numbers
changed for many other species - many fewer cuckoos, but more palm
warblers, for example.  Connecticut warblers were still present in
several areas.  But the standout sighting was 3 clay-colored sparrows
found by Milton Collins foraging together in the Proving Grounds area at
North Beach in the afternoon.  I've only seen single individuals before.

So this brief 2 day window of north winds brought in quite a variety of
migrants that had been holed up waiting.  The next week reverts to more
southerly and easterly winds.

Susan Treesh

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