Date: 9/30/18 5:08 pm
From: <lutherhaige...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Three Snowy Egrets at Memphis Lake
I oberved three Snowy Egrets at Memphis Lake this morning. I found the first on the north shore of the lake and the other two in the wetland area on the north end of the lake. When I left the lake around 11:20 am, all three were together in the wetland area. I also observed a group of about 125 Double-crested Cormorants feasting on shad mid lake. Around 10:30 am, they were joined by another large group of Cormorants that flew in from the northwest. I estimate there could have been 250 or more.

There was a large number of Killdeer - everywhere. I did not try to count them. I also saw one male Belted-Kingfisher and a few other regular birds.

Robert Manning
Central Omaha
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