Date: 9/30/18 5:02 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Black-billed Cuckoo Lake Wanahoo Sunday Sept 30 12:15pm
At approximately 12:15 pm today, I heard a Black-billed Cuckoo right next to my car as I was scoping some Horned Grebes from my car on the bridge that is 1 mile north of Lake Wanahoo, the road that passes through the wetlands and sediment trap area. The call sounded very close to Sibly's 4th call down the list "call series...NY". I was really surprised and found it briefly and I got a short video of it. (I posted the video on my YouTube Channel, see the link below.) I had my camcorder ready to video tape the grebes to make sure they were horned. There were two juvenile grebes and one adult. The adult disappeared on me.

I got a very good look at the Cuckoo first, then I had trouble focusing my camcorder on it. It flew about 3 seconds later into a dense growth of young Willow Trees and other trees, about 20 yards east of the bridge. That dense growth of trees goes on for about 100 yards and is at least 50 yards wide. There is a lot of water in the ditch just east of the bridge and I did not have high boots with me to try to relocate it. I walked up and down the road for about a half hour without seeing or hearing it again.

I posted a screen capture from the video in my NEBirds folder.

Robert Manning
Central Omaha
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