Date: 9/30/18 3:37 pm
From: Karen Konarski-Hart <karen...>
Subject: Odd Duck, duck ... egret!
Slow cruise thru Murray Park this afternoon. Few birds in view or heard. However in the little lagoon by the west boat ramp there appeared to be a large white duck floating. Oddly on watching, it’s posterior end appeared to be slightly lower in the water than its breast almost like it was walking on the river bottom rather than floating. And the bill wasnt quite right somehow . Something just seemed off with this very large white duck. Suddenly it decided to stretch ...its wings, it’s neck and it’s VERY long legs. And our odd duck morphed into a lovely great egret.
We had never witnessed an egret w it’s neck completely retracted, wading or loafing horizontally in water up to its butt.
Karen Hart Little Rock

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