Date: 9/30/18 12:43 pm
From: JimC <jimcancil...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Duck + Owl + Flycatcher box with camera.
The DNR placed a load of Wood Duck boxes on the WMA across the creek. I had removed the few I put out years ago because they were difficult to manage in the marsh. I moved a few inland where I have had Screech Owls for the last number of years. They shift around about the four placements I have. This summer I had a Flycatcher spend time in one. I had also mounted a security cam just below this box because it looks up about 600' of driveway thru the woods. IR sensors and a magnetic alarm along the long driveway make some noise ( occasionally) but you cannot see the trigger.

As I had some corrosion issues with prior cable connections, I thought I could —kill two birds— burying the connection in the box. This camera also has a microphone. My wife can hear me on the tractor, but more importantly, I can heat Tree Rats messing around in there. I don't kill things but I do run them off ..after their bushy tail clean the cobwebs; spiders find the IR light very useful at night.

It is most interesting to watch this at night. I have a 27" computer monitor set in the kitchen and am totally fascinated by the bug activity at night. There are times it looks like a snowstorm - in August. The deer, turkey, and possum past thru this clearing at night.

These camera systems give me an ulcer tho'. I have tried about three types. I do not need to read license plates, count pedestrians or remote viewing from Miami; I want a simple/clear view, but the manufacturers work their backside's off out to make it complicated and kludgy ..for this simple brain.


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