Date: 9/30/18 11:50 am
From: Bill Shepherd <stoneax63...>
Subject: birds around PB
On Friday, Sept. 28, Ragan Sutterfield and I took Don Spencer, visiting birder from the Virgin Islands, from Little Rock, where he is visiting with his immigrant brother and where we live, to Pine Bluff by car to see what interesting bird species we (all three of us) could find in that area. With advice in advance from John Redman, we did pretty well.

We started with Boyd Point, where standouts were a Great Horned Owl sitting near the water treatment plant's road and well out of the woods, an Osprey that made several passes, and three American Avocets. Seen along the road that leads to Boyd Point, were a group of three Scissor-tailed Flycatchers perched on power lines (not making aerial displays), and three Black-crowned Night-Herons. As John had predicted, most of the birds on the ponds were Northern Shovelers.

As the sky began to clear in mid-afternoon, Ragan spotted near Lake Saracen, first, an immature Bald Eagle soaring high overhead, then two adults--also soaring high but showing their white head and tail feathers. At this point, it appeared that we were going to have to put some rocks in Don's pockets. Otherwise, Don himself might soon have been soaring as high as the eagles were.

Don plans to ride with me to Texarkana this coming Friday morning and back to Little Rock on Sunday. So those of you who plan to attend the Arkansas Audubon Society's spring meeting may also have an opportunity to see regular Arkansas birds as exciting new stuff!

Bill Shepherd

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